Here are some examples of some of the work I have done for past employers and as an independent freelance designer. Please contact me for more examples.

Royce Images Photography site screen shot
Royce Images Photography

Royce Images Photography is an independent company owned and operated by Photographer/Designer, Marcy Royce in York, PA. Marcy subscribes to ProPhoto, which provides tools for photographers using WordPress. Using Marcy's design ideas, I was able to customize a ProPhoto theme to represent her unique business.

Culhanes Steak House site screen shot
Culhane's Steak House

Culhane's is a restaurant in New Cumberland, PA. I designed and developed the site which features general information, a contact form and directions. The menu section uses jQuery to hide and show different menu categories. WordPress was installed for content management.

netcodance.com screenshot
NetCo Dance Company

NetCo Dance Company is based Lancaster, PA. The design, photography and content were provided by AMC Design and I provided the development to bring the site to life. HTML5, CSS were used to lay out and style the site. jQuery was used for the sticky navigation, scrolling effect and dancer bios. The site is a one-page design, but each section can be easily edited in WordPress as a separate page. I used PHP to load each page's content onto the main page.

elitecoach.com screenshot
Elite Coach

The Elite Coach site was designed and developed by Synapse Marketing Solutions. I worked closely with Synapse's creative director to design the site using Photoshop comps. The site is managed in WordPress by Elite Coach's staff using an easy-to-edit custom theme that I created. I also trained members of Elite's staff for general WordPress usage along with updating specific areas of the site. HTML5 and CSS3 were used for layout and jQuery was used for several animated and sorting features.

badorfshoe.com screenshot
Badorf Shoe Company

Badorf Shoe Company distributes several brands of children's shoes throughout the US. As an employee of Synapse Marketing Solutions I was part of a team that created Badorf's website. I created the layout of the site using HTML5 and CSS3, the parallax effect using a jQuery plugin. The homepage shoe hover animation was accomplished using image maps and jQuery. I used media queries to make the site responsive and created a separate mobile site for devices that are smaller than a tablet. I also added the PHP contact form and each shoe's features page, including an interactive photo pointing out the notable features. The site uses progressive enhancement to take advantage of new technologies for current browsers while degrading gracefully for old browsers. The site won Best in Class for Retail at the 2013 Interactive Media Awards.

vfcc.edu screenshot

Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) in Phoenixville, PA, commissioned this site which features rich multimedia features including a customized slider on the homepage, live streaming video and an interactive campus map. The site was rigorously tested and supports many platforms from desktop to mobile and also legacy browsers back to Internet Explorer 7. While working at Synapse Marketing Solutions, I was part of a team that was focused on this site and helped contribute to almost all assets. The site is managed by VFCC's staff using the Sitefinity Content Management System. When it came time to hand the site off to the client, I wrote documentation and provided training for editing.

markelhealthperformance.com screenshot
Markel Health Performance

Dr. Nevin Markel is a doctor of chiropractic as well as a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He operates several locations in North Carolina. The site is powered by WordPress mainly for its blog capabilities and easy content editing. The theme is a customized version of a WordPress default theme. Markel Health Performance's logo was drawn in Illustrator and based on concept work provided by Dr. Markel.

Screenshot of mgsincorporated.com
MGS Incorporated

MGS is a trailer manufacturer located in Denver, PA. While employed at Synapse Marketing Solutions I helped create the site's pages from scratch using HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP. The MGS website was a platinum winner at the 2012 MARCOM Awards.

Heart tattoo illustration
Wall Ink

This illustration was a wedding gift created personally for friends. It was created in Illustrator.

Illustration of young couple on the beach

This illustration was based on a photo and created in Illustrator.

PASFAA 09 logo

Pennsylvania Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (PASFAA) sponsors a conference each year in a different Pennsylvania city. The 2009 conference took place in Valley Forge. The logo was based on a patriotic, Revolutionary War theme.

Hotel and resort ad
Hotel & Resort Spec Ad

This spec-ad for a hotel/resort was designed using Photoshop and InDesign.

Music store ad with guitar player
Music Store Spec Ad

This spec-ad for a music store was designed using Photoshop and InDesign.

Bar and barstools photo
Barstools Spec Ad

This spec-ad for a music store was designed using Photoshop and InDesign.

Illustration of man with suit jacket pulled over his head
Sage of the East Stairwell

This illustration was created in Illustrator for a cartoon series loosely based on true stories from the workplace.

Cartoon rabbit with eyepatch

This illustration was created in Illustrator for a cartoon series loosely based on true stories from the workplace.

Woman in business suit
Business Woman

This business illustration was created in Illustrator.

Cartoon onion chef
Onion Guy

This Onion Guy was created in Illustrator for a print advertisement I designed while working at Sinclair Broadcast Group. The restaurant did not have artwork to provide, so the account representative provided a description: “The logo is an onion guy with a chef's hat and everything. He has a hamburger on a plate in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other.” A scanned image of the onion guy later surfaced and this illustration was very close to the original.

Illustration of man in suit
The Boss

This illustration was created in Illustrator for a cartoon series loosely based on true stories from the workplace.

Margarita illustration

This illustration was created in Illustrator for a cartoon series loosely based on true stories from the workplace.

Fox detecteive Illustration

This hoofed fox detective is a cartoon which was created in Illustrator.

Deer Ridge Gifts Logo
Deer Ridge Gifts

This gift basket company logo was created in Illustrator.

Harman Construction Logo
Harman Construction

This logo for a home construction and remodeling company was created in Illustrator.

The Secret Six Logo
The Secret Six

This logo for an independent band was created in Illustrator.

Leadership Development

This logo for PASFAA's Leadership Development conference was created in Illustrator. Its primary use was for grayscale printing and a shirt embroidery, so it was limited to one color. I was able to achieve depth in the mountain illustration by using black line art while leaving blank white shapes to show the highlights.

York City Ice Arena

The York City Ice Arena was created in Illustrator. Hockey is the main focus of the business, and the client wanted that to be reflected in the logo.

The Chiller Logo
The Chiller

The Chiller was an all-ages entertainment venue at York Ice Arena. The logo features an icy theme to tie into the ice arena and also a guitar-playing penguin to represent the live music aspect of The Chiller.

PAMS logo
PA Messenger Solutions

This logo was designed in Illustrator for the Pennsylvania-based software company, PA Messengar Solutions.

Suite Entertainment Logo
Suite Entertainment

This logo for a local entertainment company was designed in Illustrator.

Green Car
Green Car

This cartoon is based upon a 2000 Honda Civic.

Formally Dressed Couple
Love is in the Air

This illustration was based on a photo and created in Illustrator.


This is a cartoon illustration of Actor/Comedian/Writer, Devin O'Connor.

Dog and cat

This illustration of my pets was done in Illustrator. I used flat colors with simple gradients and colored shapes to create the shadows.